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cPanel x3 Skin

1. Logging into cPanel

2. Creating an email account

3. Creating an FTP account

4. Using webmail

5. Setting up an addon domain

6. Changing your cPanel password

7. Creating a subdomain

8. Backing up and restoring your website

9. Viewing your disk space usage

10. Accessing your website statistics via Webalizer

11. Allowing remote MySQL connections

12. Accessing web disk

13. Blocking an IP address

14. Changing your cPanel style

15. Changing your MX record

16. Controlling FTP sessions

17. Creating a MySQL database

18. Creating a URL redirect

19. Creating an auto-responder

20. Creating an email forwarder

21. Installing FrontPage extensions

22. Managing a MySQL database with phpMyAdmin

23. Managing raw access logs

24. Parking a domain

25. Password-protecting a directory

26. Setting up a cron job

27. Updating your contact information in cPanel

28. Using Fantastico

29. Using file manager

30. Using hotlink protection

31. Using SpamAssassin

32. Using the index manager

x Skin

1. Creating an email account

2. Creating an FTP account

3. Accessing webmail

4. Adding an addon domain

5. Changing your cPanel password

6. Adding a subdomain

7. Backing up your account

8. Creating a URL redirect

9. Creating an auto-responder

10. Creating an email forwarder

11. Installing FrontPage extensions

12. Accessing phpMyAdmin from cPanel

13. Parking a domain

14. Password-protecting a directory

15. Using the file manager

16. Creating MySQL databases and database users

17. Enabling hotlink protection

18. Creating custom error pages

19. Using the index manager

File Transfer

1. Configuring accounts

2. Transferring files

3. Managing files and directories

1. Configuring accounts

2. Transferring files

3. Managing files and directories


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